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The Greentastic Festival



Water For Free, Hong Kong

The mission of Water for Free is to increase public awareness of plastic waste pollution issues, and promote the use of water dispensers to reduce bottled water waste at source. The client wanted to redesign her online identity to make her organisation more appealing to youngsters. She was also open to other ideas that could encourage her visibility.

Below is a sample of marketing videos we made for the client. Through primary research we gathered that people made excuses about not carrying their own water bottles is because it's 'inconvenient'. We came up with a set of hack videos entitled 'What the Hack', a subtle word play, to show that being sustainable is about having the right attitude, and excuses can be seen for what they are — excuses.

Instagram post ksnd.jpg

Image 1 & 2: Sample of name card design and an Instagram post for Water for Free

Sample Brochure design.jpg
Sample design style.png

Image 3 & 4: A set of promotional materials for a green festival in Hong Kong that we proposed to the client.

The idea was to make it zero waste by telling visitors to carry their reusable containers and to 'throwaway the throwaway lifestyle'

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