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One Winter Night


Personal Project


The homeless are an accepted part of the Indian urban landscape. Yet many stories unfold, bearing witness to the joys they find in their meagre lives. Their hearth is open to anyone in need, human or animal.  It is this spirit that has inspired my project which showcases the intimacy and warmth in their lives in the midst of survival.  I witnessed this scene in the peak of winter, sheltered warmly within the car, while outside the less privileged remained bound to their situation. Often I find myself wondering if, and when, we will ever overcome this imbalance.

This is a compilation of scenes from my hometown in India that inspired the setting. Life went on uninterrupted even as Covid progressed.

Set Sketch 2.jpg
Set Sketch

This is a sketch of the setting I constructed for the stop motion film. The final setting really varied from the sketch in object placement, because while constructing I was able to get a better understanding of how I wanted the story to progress.

Figure Colour Combo and Sketch.jpg
Figure Colour Combo and Sketch_Girl.jpg
Figure Colour Combo and
Figure Colour Combo and Sketch_Dog.jpg

These are the sketch references I used for creating the wireframes and eventually the figures. This was my first time creating a stop motion film, creating wireframes and sewing, so it was really challenging but also really fun.

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